April 4, 2019

This week we learned our colors using construction paper. We cut out many pieces of construction paper and glued it on our rainbow. Red(rouge), pink(rose) , blue(bleu), purple (violet), yellow(jaune), etc... and as we are getting ready for outside play we noticed all these colors from our hats and mittens and coats so we made a little game of finding the right colors with the rainbow colors. We were naming out the colors in French.

March 20, 2019

This week we are learning about the color green. (Vert) . We learned about frogs ( grenouille) and how they dig in the dirt in the winter and how they are green so when they go in the grass the other animals don't see them.

March 13, 2019

We made an indoor activity that made us work on our balance. I taped a crooked zigzag line on the floor and the children had to balance themselves to the lines. We were counting our steps in French.

Feb 27th 2019

We were learning our counting in French and colors also. The children wanted to build a big tower and watch it fall down and counting the blocks as we made our way up. We learned our numbers and colors.

Feb 14th, 2019

This week was Valentine's day crafts. ( les valentins) our friends enjoyed decorating for Valentine's. We learned that Valentine's day means it's a day to show love for one another. We decorated hearts (coeurs) in red ( rouge) and we decorated bags (sacs) to put all out Valentine's day cards in.( des cartes de valentins).

Feb 1 2019

"Jour de la marmotte " . Groundhog day is just around the corner so the kids were anxious to know if the groundhog ( marmotte) will see his shadow or not . They learned the story of the gorundhog and how people used to predict the weather by observing the hibernation of some animals. We decided to make our own groundhog and making come out of his hole to see if he has a shadow.  The children keep saying yes 6 more weeks of winter and some say no. We learned different words in French of the animals of hibernation.

Jan 16th 2019

This week we learned about bowling.  Great activity for working on our coordination and balance. We had to roll the ball to hit the pins and had to keep the ball straight and in between the lines and to try to knock off the pins down. Bowling (bowling), pins (quilles), lines( lignes), balance ( balance). We had so much fun!!

Jan 9th 2019

Today we decided to release a little bit of energy (energie) and made a indoor hop scotch . We hopped and jumped ( sursauter) with one foot ( un pied) or both feet( deux pieds) as we were counting the squares in French. This was a great gross motor activity and great learning on our numbers and balance

Dec 12, 2018
This week we made stockings.  ( bas de noel ). We used cotton balls ( cotton in french)the soft part of the sock . Then we added stickers ( collons) and wrote our names on them repeating the ABC's in French. We also learned from each other what we wanted in our stockings for Christmas. This was a fun project.

Dec 5, 2018

This week we made wreaths ( couronne). We learned all kinds of things we could put on a wreath for decorations in french.  Boules de noel, boules, flocons, couleurs rouge et vert, sapins.

Nov 23 2018

The children were painting snowman (bonhomme de neige). We learned in French what we need to make a snowman . We need a hat(chapeau), a carrot ( carotte) for the nose, buttons (bouttons) for the eyes(yeux) , mouth(bouche), and belly ( ventre), and sticks(branches) for the arms. We had lots of fun. One child said he was putting his arms up!

Nov 16th

As we were watching snow coming down ,we decided to make snowflakes (flocon de neige). We used popsicle sticks,glue and glitter. We were discussing how there is many different shapes of snowflakes and how they melt into water.

Nov 9

The children were making a POPPY (coquelocot) for remembrance day( jour du souvenir). We were talking about what were soldiers and what they did for our country.  We learned alot of new French words.

Oct 24

Our children made witches ( sorcière ) for one of our decorations for Halloween.  We used our handprints as hair . The children were very excited on stories about how witches fly on brooms ( ballais) and they told me how they hit trees sometimes.  We learned a few words in French.

Oct 10

These last 2 weeks we learned how to carve a pumpkin(citrouille) . We each took a turn to take out seeds(graines) and they were saying how bad it smells.  Then we decided to paint it and make it look like cookie monster (monstre a biscuit). We painted it blue and we will add some googly eyes on it and Halloween day we will add some cookies (biscuits).

Oct 3

This week is all about Thanksgiving (action de grâce) that is coming this weekend.
The children made turkeys (dinde) . We discussed what Thanksgiving was all about and how some people celebrate it with their families and friends.  We all took a turn on what we were thankful for then we repeated them in French.

September 26

This week before Thanksgiving,  we colored a bunch of pumpkins and put letters on them.  We found our letters of our names and put them together. (Sadie who is only 2 ) was a big help when we couldn't find certain letters. She kept finding them for us. We learned the word pumpkin in French is citrouille.  We also spelled out our alphabet in French.

September 17

This week since we are going apple picking we decided to learn a good matching game with apples. We learned our numbers in French.  Un, deux,  trois,  quatre  , cinq, six, sept, huit,  neuf,  dix. The children had fun counting all week.

Sept 12

This week we learned about fire trucks. I wanted to get a big box and make them a school bus since some of the kids had started school and thought we could make a school bus. One day , one child was talking about a fire truck. He had many questions about firemen and firetrucks. So when I took out this box, they all said they wanted to do a firetruck instead. So we painted the box red and added some wheels and a ladder. We learned so many words in French.  Camion de pompier, feu(fire), casque protecteur (hat),  échelle ( ladder), échantillon d'eau (hose), pompier (firemen), oxigene (oxygen).

August 25

This week in Les Souris Souriants French Club, we learned about the ocean ( océan) . We painted paper plates and added different types of fish ( poisson) . The children were telling me what these fish were doing. One was sleeping ( dormir) , eating (manger), swimming (nager).  Making their own oceans with paper plates and adding sea creature stickers to their ocean was exciting for all the children.

August 20

This week we are learning about apple trees ( le pommier) .we were playing outside when some of the apples were falling down from the big apple tree we have in the playground.  We decided to use some of the apples to paint each a picture of an apple tree. I also told them what else grows on trees like bananas ( bananes) ..oranges ( oranges) ..grapes grows on vines that looks like a tree ( raisins) ..

August 13

This week we learned about starfish. We repeated some sea animals in French and the children were saying how they find all kinds of things when they go to the beach..

August 6

This week we painted pinecones the children found in the playground. They wanted to paint them different colors..they were saying how they would bring them home for decorations.  We learned pinecone in French as they had a hard time saying it.  We had fun painting them.

August 1, 2018

This week after our vacation week, I asked the children what they did so far this summer. I asked them to put it all in a picture so we learned all new words while they were doing their art piece. Some added their friends because they had gone with their friends and some added their mommy saying they went to the beach with mommy. We discovered what our friends love to do when we are not at daycare. One child said he went with his family in the truck and he was pulling a trailer behind it and it was So Cool !! 

July 18, 2018

We continued our dress up activities.  The children wanted to make a picture of themselves ready for summer. They glued on some shorts and t-shirts and colored in their face. One child loved the pink t-shirt as he was telling his friends that he had one just like it at home and it was his favorite. We reviewed our colors in French as we were choosing our colors.

July 4, 2018

We are learning about what we can wear. We drew this little boy and the children  got to dress him up for summer weather. We will also practice it while we get ourselves ready for outdoors. The children tried to repeat them in French. Some words were challenging :)


This week we learned different ways to travel..from cars to subways to trains and planes. We learned different names of the drivers of certain vehicles. The children were asking why people travel in certain transportation while others walk to their location. One child said helicopters go faster and another said his dad's truck goes really slow :)

June 13th

We added our machinery to our construction site....one child said he was working on

a bridge ( Pont) in French...and another said he had lots of work to do :))  Good Job Kids!!

June 7th

The children  creating their own construction site! 

We are learning construction and  saw all the machinery used for building.  We named them in French and  designed some roads and buildings  to glue machines and tools we colored.


June 1, 2018

"La grange" - The children painted the homemade barn red. We added some grass to put inside of it. As we were building it , I explained to them what happens on a farm. We also read some barn stories with animals and talked about who lives in a barn. The children were naming out the equipment that belongs in a barn.

May 18, 2018

This week the children learned their shapes. We played the matching game with shapes.we also got to jump on certain shapes that I was naming. They enjoyed learning their shapes in french.

We also learned about the sunflower " le tournesol ".   They each painted a paper plate yellow and use their fingerprints for the seeds in the middle.

April 30, 2018

This week we learned some of our colors. We have done activities in which each of them had to go grab something of that color...we played colored hopscotch ( I would call someone's name and they had to jump on the color I had picked out). the children loved naming out the colors in French.